8 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Site Security

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Last Update on January 14, 2023

You have a WordPress site that you want to keep safe from hackers and their many problems. You know that if your website isn’t secure, it will cause problems for you and your customers, so it’s best to ensure it’s safe from the start. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure WordPress security is as good as it can be. You could hurt yourself and your visitors if you don’t follow the tips.

Choose a Quality Host

How you choose to host your site is very important. If you select a host that doesn’t have a good name and doesn’t have any security measures in place, bad things could happen. It usually means that there will be holes in the security measures that hackers will want to take advantage of. Even if you try to make WordPress more secure in other ways, you might still have trouble if your host isn’t perfect.

Spend some time looking at your host’s offer, and don’t forget to read some reviews. Read our tips on how to find a good web host that is also safe.

If you find out that your web host doesn’t offer enough security, you should switch. Choose a host with better security features and even ask if they will make a copy of your site if something goes wrong.

Keeping WordPress Up to Date

You should also update WordPress as soon as you know a new version is available. The site is free to use and is always getting better. The updates do more for you than just add new features. They also ensure that hackers can’t get into your site through any holes or gaps. They help you know what’s going on. You could almost think of them as a vaccine protecting you from more dangers.

Remember to Update the Plugins and Themes

Please remember that you need to update more than just the core WordPress. You will also need to ensure that your theme and all the plug-ins you have chosen to use and run on your site are up to date. If they aren’t kept up to date, they could be a big security risk for WordPress. Many hackers will go after sites that use old themes or plug-ins because they know a security problem exists.

Get Rid of What You Do Not Use

When you update your site, you should also make sure you take the time to look for things you no longer need. Most of us have forgotten to get rid of an old theme or some old plug-ins that we no longer use.

You were wrong to think that they couldn’t hurt you. Hackers can still use them to get in even if they aren’t being used. Go through and get rid of everything you don’t need. Cleanup will not only make things look better, but it will also make WordPress more secure quickly and easily.

Better Passwords Do Help

You will also want to change your password to make it more secure. Anyone who needs to log in to the site should use strong passwords. The passwords must be long, hard to guess, and one of a kind.

You can’t use a simple password anymore because hackers have tools that make it easy for them to figure them out. Make it a point to create passwords that are hard for you to remember.

Buy a password manager that can keep track of your passwords for you. Some managers can even remind you when to change your password. Check out our guide on how to make better logins and passwords.

Use Secure File Permissions

You want to make sure that anyone can’t just look at or change the server files. You need to make sure that you are using WordPress file permissions. Check the control panel and FTP host to see what you can change and ensure that files can’t be accessed or changed without permission.

Research Developers Before Using Services

WP has a lot of plugins and options, and people like that it is flexible and can be put together in different ways. But because it is an open-source technology and anyone can make things for it, there are some risks with certain themes and low-quality plugins.

Some of them could have holes that hackers could use to get into your system. Others may have been made with the same goal in mind by developers with no morals. So, you’ll want to pick a developer whose work you can research and learn more about before you use it.

Use a WordPress Security Plugin

In addition to the tips above, you will also want to find a good WordPress security plugin that you can use. Most of the time, these plugins can add firewalls, check your site’s security, and do other things to make it safer. Just make sure you pick a good option and keep it up-to-date.

These are just 8 of the best ways to make WordPress more secure. Follow these steps and keep an eye out for other things you can do to improve the security of your WordPress site. You can never have too much security.

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