Maintenance Service

Enjoy the best and most reliable WordPress maintenance service for your website to improve functionality and resolve all issues. We stand by you to bring support with our in-depth maintenance strategies to keep your website active.

$99 per month
Manage your WordPress site, keep updated, Fix bugs & urgent support.
What You’ll Get!
$189 per month

Remove malware, Ongoing security of WordPress site with unlimited edits.

What You’ll Get!
$289 per month
Ultimate plan to Maintain WordPress, Secure WordPress & optimize WP.
What You’ll Get!
$82 per month
Manage your WordPress site, keep updated, Fix bugs & urgent support.
What You’ll Get!
$157 per month

Remove malware, Ongoing security of WordPress site with unlimited edits.

What You’ll Get!
$240 per month
Ultimate plan to Maintain WordPress, Secure WordPress & optimize WP.
What You’ll Get!

Refund Policy

Nothing to worry about! You don’t need to overthink before grabbing our service. We give you a 100% money-back guarantee. In case the service does not seem to be working for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, you may shift or cancel your plans when needed!

Our Priority Is to Create a Seamless Process for Your Website Keeping You Up and Running Consistently.

We ensure all our experts stay on their toes to tie all loose ends and are available to handle situations. Our experts also work to give you consistent defense and maintain that enhanced functional status making your website function better.

Unlimited 24/7 Websites Edits

Our experts combine the WPFIX PRO quick response priority and consistent round-the-clock service to give consistent website maintenance. Certain changes might be required on your website and you can leave it to us to handle these edits without affecting your pattern. It gets better as you won’t need to pause activities on your website before we work except deemed necessary for better performance.

WordPress Speed Optimization

WPFIX PRO WordPress maintenance service also includes strategies to make your website run faster without any lags in browser page loading and speed. We include speed optimization and some other additional perks to ensure your website retains that speed to serve visitors better. We always ensure we leave no stone unturned as we give you proper maintenance that meets the best standard globally.

Plugin, Theme, and Core Files Updates

We also work with plugins, themes, and core files as we provide some premium versions of these deliverables for your website. Our WordPress maintenance services contain the additional perks of updating your plugins and themes to improve your website functionality generally. Updating of core files isn’t left out as they are essential and we prioritize that as we work on the maintenance.

Security and Performance Monitoring

We put safe and secure proceedings along with quality and consistency ahead when implementing our maintenance services on your website. Our monitoring and WordPress website maintenance services are consistent and you can enjoy better performance continually. You can also get longer timeframes with higher care packages which come whit more benefits for your WordPress website.

24/7 Emergency Support & Weekly Updates

Our maintenance lasts round the clock and also factors emergencies to help you handle any unplanned situation that you encounter with your website. We also include weekly updates on the maintenance progress which covers the backup and other issue resolutions we handle. You are guaranteed to get rest of mind while relying on us to handle your issues at any time and on any WordPress website.

WordPress Enterprise Cloud Backup

WPFIX PRO prioritizes quality which makes us offer high-end cloud backup for enterprises and automate them for the best experience. We monitor the automated process and provide multi-cloud capabilities with unlimited storage space to serve your WordPress website best. You can rely on the best WordPress maintenance services from us at WPFIX PRO as we work to offer you optimum results.

Compare Maintenance Services

Compare each plan in details and find out which plan will fit perfect
for your website. You can upgrade/downgrade plans anytime.

$289 per month

Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.

$589 per month

Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.

$989 per month

Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.


Recommended and Premium
WordPress Plugins

WordPress makes the use of plugins available to many businesses but not all give you the best performance for your website. It is necessary to match the best plugins to your WordPress website especially premium ones to improve your website overall. We at WPFIX PRO prioritize your success, security, and performance which makes us bring you the best choices for improved functionality.

Our WordPress maintenance services has made recommend some premium plugins like Page Builder, WP-Rocket, Litespeed Cache, iTheme Security Pro, Premium Backup Management, BackupBuddy, etc. We recommend them and also provide these WordPress plugins to you at zero cost.

We Have Features and Pricing
Packages That Matches Your Needs

Our care plans include different features and are created
to match your needs for maintenance, protection, or high performance.

Maintain Our basic plan stands with our WordPress maintenance services to keep your website running actively. Included in this package is our priority to update your WordPress website core to ensure the essential files remain intact. It also includes round-clock monitoring and support during emergencies to resolve the issue quickly for seamless functionality.

You will also receive detailed reports on the issue both before and after it has been resolved to keep you updated. The reports span details on backups security and SEO audits to note your rankings and traffic.

Protection+The Protection Plus plan goes further taking your website beyond the maintenance services up to solid security and safety level. You get to enjoy consistent maintenance from the “Maintain” package and get protection services to enhance your website security. Enjoy, hack and malware removal along with many other security services.

PerformWe bring you the ultimate plan from our care packages where you get all from the two lower packages and more. You get all you need to secure your website perfectly, keep it running actively and enjoy the best performance from it. It’s your trump card that is well worth the cost.

What our Client Says!

Feedback from multiple clients speaks volumes about our services at WPFIX PRO.
Here are a few of these heart-felt feedbacks received from our past and loyal customers.
“I just want to give my heartiest thanks to WPFIX Pro. As I had not enough idea how a website is built, I had some confusion regarding this. But once I contacted WPFIX Pro, they took the task so professionally and I had nothing to worry about. They also helped me to know important technical details. I would recommend anyone who wants to create, maintain or fix their website, WPFIX Pro can be a trusted option”

Noah Schoenheinz

Jan 23, 2022

“Earlier, I had an unpleasant experience with BlueHost. Their solution wasn’t compatible with my site. That time, I tried WPFIX Pro. Literally, they have just nailed it! Now, our website is very stable, performing well and our team is completely satisfied with the support.”

David Bercovitch

Feb 15, 2020


“A super fast help! My site faced a code problem and it went down. I contacted WPFIX Pro, & they fixed it within 20 minutes only! Thanks to the WPFIX Pro team!”

Shawn McClafferty

July 13, 2020

“WPFIX Pro developers have really done a tremendous task recognizing the problem of our site and fixing it shortly. Managing projects is very easy here and, we definitely going to use them again very soon for whole year maintenance.”

John Burdine Jr

March 13, 2021


“This is the second time that we are relying on WPFIX Pro. They solve it very quickly. Plus, I must admit, the pricing is very affordable as well. I’m going to come to WPFIX Pro more and more whenever needed.”

Jared Woolever

Jan 20, 2022


“A few days ago, our site needed to be overhauled. During this issue, we went to WPFIX Pro. That’s it! They have done the rest for us. Their smart service provided all the things we wanted. Coming with a very gorgeous, easy-to-use plugin, our site now has more views than ever before. Gratitude to the WPFIX Pro team!”

Brendan Golle

April 10, 2022


Some Frequently asked

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about WPFIX Pro

We are your backend team, we have our dashboard where you can manage your orders, communicate with our developers, pay invoices and subscriptions easily. You will set your login details once then each time you need to do anything for your website you just drop a message then our dev will handle the rest and reply to you as soon as the job is done.For subscription based schedule jobs, there is a report section where you can download the reports and check details of what we have done in the past week or past month.
Yes, you have to provide us WordPress administrative level login, cPanel login details.
We have stripe payment gateway to process any debit or credit card globally. We will also introduce Paypal soon.
You have to purchase different subscriptions for different websites. There will be different order pages to manage everything like reports, bills, services, chats etc. you can easily manage 100’s of websites.
We do penetration testing to find website security threats. Sometimes we use the imunify360 tool, server side malware scanner tools. Securing a website depends on the website nature and vulnerabilities. We take action as per your audit result. There is no copy paste formula.
We use Google page speed insight and Gtmetrix to measure page speed and fix the issue that arises. Page speed is a continuous practice and you have to maintain both code and server side optimization to get the best result. We follow each and every industry best practices.
You can cancel your subscription anytime. In case if you cancel your subscription your website will be back to its original state and you will lose the subscription based features like speed optimization, Security features and Management automations. We won't revert any bug fixing, it will be yours.
We have Junior to 10-15 years Experienced Developers and system admins, we prioritize our work and assign as per capability. If any developer fails to fix any website we assign our senior developers to fix it for you and we will fix it! In case if we have to drop the request we will refund you.
We have a 30 days money back guarantee.

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