How WordPress Security Boosts Your Marketing Efforts

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Last Update on January 14, 2023

Customers have to know that their information is safe. Threat actors are getting smarter at getting people’s information, so companies that use WordPress must be open about their security measures or risk losing customers. People are more likely to trust your website and, by extension, your company if it has clear security features. This helps market your brand.

Why Marketing Security Is Crucial

Marketing security is keeping your marketing information, like your customers’ names and credit card numbers, safe. This is important not only to keep hackers and bots from breaking into your site but also to keep your clients’ trust.

A data breach can hurt even the most well-known companies. For example, Citi Group lost $836 million because a data breach hurt its reputation. Similarly, Facebook lost billions of dollars after a hack in 2021 exposed the personal information of millions of people. Here are some more sobering facts that show why cybersecurity is so important:

  • In 2021, the FBI reported 51,829 personal data breaches. A personal data breach is a leak of personal information from a safe place to an unsafe location. It also includes security incidents in which sensitive or private information is viewed, stolen, copied, or moved without permission.
  • In 2021, there were a lot more breaches of personal information than in the four years before. This caused a loss of $517,021,289 for everyone.
  • In the same year, companies lost a total of $151,568,255 because of 1,287 data breaches. Compared to 2019, this is almost three times as much money lost.

In the same way, cyberattacks are getting worse, but marketing channels are growing quickly. Marketing used to be done through physical media or TVs, but now it’s done through websites, social media, videos, emails, text messages, and much more. Each of these channels asks for information and has its cybersecurity risks. Customers should be careful before giving out their information.

Cybersecurity has become a significant issue, and people who visit WordPress sites want to know they’re on a safe site. People want more accountability and transparency because they give more information online than ever.

Displaying Your Site Security Measures

Here are some ways to show people who visit your WordPress site that it is safe, which will help your marketing efforts.

A Modern Website Design

What does this have to do with keeping information safe? More than you might think.

Outdated website designs do more than just make your page look bad. Some WordPress themes, plugins, and obsolete code can make your website less secure. Customers know that a website that looks old probably hasn’t been updated in a while, which means it doesn’t have the latest safety features.

Don’t let the look of your website scare away customers. Keep your WordPress site’s themes, written content, and copyright dates up to date.

Two-Step Authentication

This means the customer has to prove who they are by giving contact information, like an email address or phone number. Then, when the customer tries to log in or make a purchase, your site will send them a code they can use to prove who they are. Even though it might be a bit of a hassle for your WordPress visitors, the extra security measure shows them that your site is hard to hack.

Visual Identifiers

Do you work with a company that protects networks? You can put their logo on your page if you want to. Make sure it links to the company’s website, explains its security features, and lets customers see it clearly. For example, when a customer buys something, you could put the security symbol next to where they enter their credit card information.

An SSL Certificate

See a padlock next to the URL of a website? That means that you can safely connect to the site. A message pops up to confirm the safety measure when you click on it. When a website installs an SSL certificate, which gives its domain a cryptographic key, it gets this padlock icon. Information going to and from the site is encrypted and decrypted using the key.

Secure websites always begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP. The “S” stands for “secure,” and this is something that site visitors will notice. Browsers will sometimes send out a warning message when they find a website that isn’t safe, making people leave the page. Ensure your website has an SSL certificate to boost your credibility and protect customer data.


Even a simple banner message at the top or bottom of a page can inform people that your security systems have been updated. Link the message to a separate page that details how you keep your data safe. You can also send emails to people to let them know about changes.

A Clean URL

A messy URL is a sign that a website is spammy or untrustworthy. Because so many spam sites have misspelt words in their URLs, like Hotmail instead of Hotmail, if your visitors see spelling mistakes in your URL, that can be a red flag.

A clean URL is another way to make your site look more professional. Instead of letting the URL slug be a long list of letters, numbers, and per cent signs, take the time to make one that is short, easy to read, and fits the page’s content. People who come will like it.

Using WordPress Security to Your Advantage

All of the above steps go a long way toward gaining users’ trust, which is important if you want to improve your marketing. Also, a lot of these steps will make your website safer. It’s a good deal for both sides.

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