How to Log in to Your WordPress Site Safely

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Last Update on December 5, 2022

WordPress is the world’s most widely used content management system, so you need to know how to log in safely to your WordPress site.

Even though the developers are responsible for the website’s security, the website owners have the most to answer for because any security breach hurts them more than it does the developers.

Since WordPress is open-source, anyone can see the code that makes it work. It also runs about 24% of all websites worldwide, making it a very easy target and weak point. The good news is that this can be stopped, and WordPress sites can run smoothly without any security breaches.

Reasons why WordPress sites are attacked

Any cybercriminal’s ultimate objective is to gain control of your website and then of you. When they control your site, they can read all your files, change them however they want, and even change the content it serves. There are many reasons why hackers do this.

To steal website data

Most hackers want to get their hands on data because it gives them access to so many people. Once they get your database, which might have the contact information of other people, they can find new people to target. When they steal website data, they can also get private and sensitive information that they can utilize to their advantage.

To attack other websites

Hackers will sometimes attack one website to get to another website. They do this because they know that once they get into the weak one, it will be easy for them to use bot attack scripts on other sites.

To send spam

Once they have control of your website, they can send spam emails to many people and reach the people they want to target.

To host malicious content

Hackers can use your site to host whatever they want, like drug sales or pornographic material.

List of tips helping secure connection to WP admin panel

Back up your files and database

Since everyone assumes that someone else would be the victim of an attack, nobody actively considers what will happen to them if and when they are attacked. It’s a good idea to backup your files and database as often as possible so that you can get your data back and keep running your business if you get hacked.

You can back up things like your emails, your database, and your FTP files. WordPress also uses the database for content, design, and functionality.

Use a fast and Secure hosting

You need to spend on secure hosting if you want your websites to work for you and maybe even make you money. Statistics show that 41% of hacking attempts come from the host level, so choosing your hosting carefully is essential. Be wary of sketchy hosting companies that promise the world but charge very little. An excellent secure hosting service must be reliable, and you will probably have to pay for it.

Update your WordPress plugins and themes

Most of the time, it’s important always to have the latest versions of your software and sites. This is because security issues are fixed when a new version is released. Because of this, you are open to attacks using old WordPress versions, themes, or plugins. Running updates regularly can be time-consuming and feel like a hassle, but it is a best practice for security and, therefore essential.


You should never use the default password and username that WordPress gives you to log in to the admin panel or from anywhere else. When you create a new account, make sure you use strong and unique login information that isn’t easy to guess, like your birth year, second name, etc. You can use a password manager if you have trouble creating a good password or remembering your passwords.

You can also limit the number of login attempts to add another layer of security. If someone, including you, tries to log in too many times without success, it locks them out.

Use two-factor authentication

This is very important because it adds another level of security when you sign in. In addition to your unique password, you should also need a time-sensitive code from a different device, like your phone, to log in. Two-factor authentication is very effective, and it makes brute-force attacks almost impossible.

Using VPN when on public WIFI

Using a VPN on a public Wi-Fi network lets you route your online activities through a different, secure, and private network. This gives you the security of a private network. You can choose from a lot of VPNs, but Hide Me VPN stands out. Hide me says it has great security features, a strict no-logs policy, unlimited bandwidth, and more than 150 servers in about 34 countries. As the Hide Me VPN review says, it is a great VPN to use in general.


If you are always worried that your WordPress site will be hacked, you should take these steps to protect it. To protect yourself from the attacks as much as possible, stay up to date on all the new vulnerabilities related to them and make sure your website is updated regularly.

You can’t have a successful website if you don’t do anything to protect it. If you don’t, you could lose everything.

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