Server Issues That Might Affect Your WordPress Website (And The Solutions)

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Last Update on November 26, 2022

WordPress is a complex content management system with many built-in tools for managing content. Creating and running a website can sometimes get complicated because of technical issues. When these kinds of problems happen, most developers run to fix plugins or themes that don’t work well together. But a simple plugin may only sometimes be the cause of a problem. In some ways, they are caused by errors in your website’s core that your web host causes. Most of the time, these problems are easy to figure out and fix, but you must learn to spot them first.

Delayed Loading

Website owners often get angry when their sites take too long to load. It’s one of your website’s most common problems. Many developers work quickly to minimize the number of plugins and media files on their site to make it run faster. But this doesn’t help the speed in any way. You should first check to see if your internet is behind. The solution in this situation is to contact your internet service provider! But if that’s not the case, try the following things to figure out what’s wrong:

  • Check your web host’s server to see what’s happening. When the server goes down, your website will often shut down temporarily. Still, it’s a good idea to look for any problems that were mentioned that could be the cause.
  • If there are delays or a server is down, contact your web host to get the problem fixed.
  • Contact customer service to find out if there is a pattern to the times when your site is slow. Because sometimes the neighboring website affects your site. When this happens, updating your package or host is a good idea.
  • After you’re sure there’s nothing wrong with the downtime, you can move on to the bandwidth. Sometimes, more people than usual may visit your site. This could interfere with your allotted bandwidth, slowing you down.

To fix the bandwidth, you need to find the system on your website that keeps track of it. Check the statistics to see if there are any spikes in traffic. If you have a lot of traffic all the time, it might be time to upgrade your plan to get more bandwidth.

Insufficient Memory

Isn’t it enough that our phones have memory problems? But WordPress sites can also give you this choice. Most of the time, this happens after you install a new plugin or theme. To fix the issue, return to an earlier save state and apply the fix. You should also raise your PHP limit, which is another thing you should do. To avoid this problem in the future, try to avoid using large plugins or installing them after adding more memory.

Email Receiving Issues

Another common problem for people new to blogging or making websites is needing help getting emails. Setting up a website email address is not hard at all. But even though I set it up and made it public, none of the emails got through. How do you figure out what’s wrong? Here are a few steps that could help:

  1. Start by writing yourself a letter. You can also ask a friend or member of your family to do the same thing. Make sure you didn’t get any emails. Also, check if any of the senders got a notification that their inbox was full. It will help eliminate the problem of the full hosting memory.
  2. Make sure you are sending the correct details. If you have set up your website email to forward to your email, make sure the emails listed are right and work.
  3. Open your hosting account to see if any emails have been sent to you. If it doesn’t have any emails, you’ll need to talk to the web hosting company’s customer service to figure out what’s wrong.

The Server Doesn’t Exist

Websites often have a server DNS error. You can look at this page and figure out what went wrong. There is, however, a step-by-step way to fix it so that your website works again. Some of the places where it can happen are:

  • The hosting service has run into a problem.
  • Your hosting plan is no longer enough.
  • Your traffic is too much for your bandwidth.
  • The domain name has expired.

In all of these cases, you need to contact your web host’s customer service so that they can fix the problem and get your website back online.

Internal Server Error

Words can be misleading. Yes, it says there was a server error, but sometimes the problem is with the site itself. Look at these:

  • Your plugins or theme filter out any plugins that need to be fixed that you installed.
  • Recheck the PHP memory limit to see if there are any problems with memory.
  • Explore the .htaccess file to find out about the default server and fix the problem.
  • If you find a mistake, you should replace the whole file to fix it.

Updates Not Showing Up

Sometimes you find that something needs to be updated, but you can find the new version running on other sites but not on yours. It can be very frustrating because there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Among the things you do regularly are:

  • Install a plugin for caching.
  • Configure your plugins.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and try again to log in.
  • Use a different browser to look at your site.
  • Open your site from a different device.
  • It’s time to check your cache temp folder. It will help you figure out if the problem is just with your site or if it’s with the web host.

Maximum Execution Time Exceeded The Error

This error is similar to the memory limit error and can cause your website to stop working for a short time. Usually, it shows up as an inability to finish the task in the time allotted. The execution time can be lengthened so your site can handle all requests. To do so:

  • Use your file manager to access .htaccess file, which is usually present in your file manager.
  • You need to press the “unhide” button on your site to make your files visible.
  • Edit the file to add a command to fix it. php_value max_execution_time 60

Once you’ve done this, your system will start up again, and your requests will be handled as before. But if this little trick doesn’t work, the best thing to do is call customer service to fix the problem for good.

Wrapping Up

A website owner or developer often has to deal with problems like these. You need to know that fixing many issues doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead, dealing with and fixing these problems is much better. Most of the time, the problem isn’t as big as it seems, and a few simple steps are all that are needed to fix errors and web hosting issues that often bother WordPress developers.

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