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Insure your website’s functionality and operations by creating a secure checkpoint with efficient cloud backup strategies to put your business on track. Our experts at WPFIX PRO are up and ready to help you with a downtime and system failure solution with cloud backup strategies.
$99 per month

Manage your WordPress site, keep updated, Fix bugs & urgent support.

$189 per month

Remove malware, Ongoing security of WordPress site with unlimited edits.

$289 per month

Ultimate plan to Maintain WordPress, Secure WordPress & optimize WP.

$82 per month

Manage your WordPress site, keep updated, Fix bugs & urgent support.

$157 per month

Remove malware, Ongoing security of WordPress site with unlimited edits.

$240 per month

Ultimate plan to Maintain WordPress, Secure WordPress & optimize WP.

We work to ensure your website gets a strong backup and timely updates to save you from potential System failure.

It’s our priority to ensure your website is always up and running regardless of the setbacks that peep at your business. Our automated cloud backup services exist to help you retain your current progress for seamless restoration regardless of any issue.

Fully Automated Backup

Our priority is to give you the best service you can find without giving you any extra work and it’s a success without cloud backup. You won’t need to worry about any active operations in relation to backup as we make it a seamless process. Automated WordPress cloud backup will keep your data safe and you will never have to take any manual backup again.

Schedule Your Backup (Up To 4x Daily)

WPFIX PRO has its strategies organized in a timely manner to help you plan your backups in different situations and sizes. We provide you with a scheduled backup system and match it with full automation to time your automated cloud backup. You get the chance to back up your website 4 times a day with our cloud backup strategies for your WordPress website.

Unlimited Backup Storage

We provide automated cloud backup services to offer you the best quality and this includes more cloud storage for backups. You won’t need to worry about running out of space when backing up your WordPress website with us at WPFIX PRO. It gets better as this feature combines well with our other services to give you the best experience with seamless functionality.

Backup To AWS S3

We implement a fully automated backup strategy to ensure to match your backup with your activities and keep it updated. One of our strategies is using backing up your WordPress website with AWS to make the process continuous in real-time. It makes every current point in your activities serve as a checkpoint and you can get full restoration during a system failure.

Safe Backup Restoration

Our services at WPFIX PRO don’t end up backing up your WordPress website alone but also restoring it to a functional state. We perform safe and secure restoration for your website even after experiencing a severe failure to get it running again. The benefit gets more exciting for you as we handle the whole process while you sit back and enjoy the results.

30 Days Backup History

WPFIX PRO experts understand our need to track back keep records and we provide you with a detailed backup history. You get up-to 30days of backup history from the current save point to the previous days that your website has been functional. The detailed backup system also helps us plan your website restoration properly and work to make it better than the previous time.

Clients Video Testimonials

  • Amina Achab Zekri Founder, Psf Consulting
  • Brendan Golle Manager, Shandelee
  • John Burdine Jr Founder, Mr. ProActive
  • Jared Woolever Owner, Accelerate

Give your website 360 degree protection and get complete peace of mind

24/7 Emergency Backup Support - We will manage it for you.

Your benefit stems from getting services that deliver not just quality alone but also offers support when the regular procedures go south. Round-the-clock service works to provide emergency solutions for both backups and restorations giving you a seamless operational pattern. 24/7 support always has your back and consistent monitoring along with reports also works to ensure your website works well.

Encrypted, Secure, and Most Reliable Backup Storage Ever!

Security is also essential to protect your automated cloud backup for your website and it’s not excluded in this service. You need your backups protected from attacks and damages beyond restoration and encrypted strategies serve this purpose to protect you. Your guarantee for backup protection is set in stone with reliable backup storage and quality protection services for your website.

WordPress, WooCommerce Incremental Data Backup Policy

The great service you enjoy gets better as your website is also included despite being from the WooCommerce section of WordPress. You get the backup procedure along with its incremental feature to keep your backups as current as possible preventing data loss. Securing your data is essential and both backups and protection are made available to keep your website optimal functionality.

No More Junk Backup Server - Move into Multi-Cloud Facility

Enjoy the safe and secure storage that comes with multi-cloud backup strategies to guarantee the backup safety of your website. Removing every chance of losing your data is the existence of multi-cloud services and you get that feature with support. It works to further increase the advantage you have over system failures and downtime removing the damages you incur.

We Cover All issues you may face

WPFIX Pro team provides all kind of WordPress maintenance, bug fixing solution that you may ever face!

What our Client Says!

Feedback from multiple clients speaks volumes about our services at WPFIX PRO.
Here are a few of these heart-felt feedbacks received from our past and loyal customers.
“I just want to give my heartiest thanks to WPFIX Pro. As I had not enough idea how a website is built, I had some confusion regarding this. But once I contacted WPFIX Pro, they took the task so professionally and I had nothing to worry about. They also helped me to know important technical details. I would recommend anyone who wants to create, maintain or fix their website, WPFIX Pro can be a trusted option”

Noah Schoenheinz

Jan 23, 2022

“Earlier, I had an unpleasant experience with BlueHost. Their solution wasn’t compatible with my site. That time, I tried WPFIX Pro. Literally, they have just nailed it! Now, our website is very stable, performing well and our team is completely satisfied with the support.”

David Bercovitch

Feb 15, 2020


“A super fast help! My site faced a code problem and it went down. I contacted WPFIX Pro, & they fixed it within 20 minutes only! Thanks to the WPFIX Pro team!”

Shawn McClafferty

July 13, 2020

“WPFIX Pro developers have really done a tremendous task recognizing the problem of our site and fixing it shortly. Managing projects is very easy here and, we definitely going to use them again very soon for whole year maintenance.”

John Burdine Jr

March 13, 2021


“This is the second time that we are relying on WPFIX Pro. They solve it very quickly. Plus, I must admit, the pricing is very affordable as well. I’m going to come to WPFIX Pro more and more whenever needed.”

Jared Woolever

Jan 20, 2022


“A few days ago, our site needed to be overhauled. During this issue, we went to WPFIX Pro. That’s it! They have done the rest for us. Their smart service provided all the things we wanted. Coming with a very gorgeous, easy-to-use plugin, our site now has more views than ever before. Gratitude to the WPFIX Pro team!”

Brendan Golle

April 10, 2022


WordPress Maintenance Service.

Get started and guarantee your malware removal for your website
with our affordable monthly and annual plans.
$99 per month

Manage your WordPress site, keep updated, Fix bugs & urgent support.

What You’ll Get!
$189 per month

Remove malware, Ongoing security of WordPress with unlimited edits.

What You’ll Get!
$289 per month

Ultimate plan to Maintain WordPress, Secure & optimize WP.

What You’ll Get!
$82 per month

Manage your WordPress site, keep updated, Fix bugs & urgent support.

What You’ll Get!
$157 per month

Remove malware, Ongoing security of WordPress with unlimited edits.

What You’ll Get!
$240 per month

Ultimate plan to Maintain WordPress, Secure & optimize WP.

What You’ll Get!

Some Frequently asked

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about WPFIX Pro

We are your backend team, we have our dashboard where you can manage your orders, communicate with our developers, pay invoices and subscriptions easily. You will set your login details once then each time you need to do anything for your website you just drop a message then our dev will handle the rest and reply to you as soon as the job is done.For subscription based schedule jobs, there is a report section where you can download the reports and check details of what we have done in the past week or past month.
Yes, you have to provide us WordPress administrative level login, cPanel login details.
We have stripe payment gateway to process any debit or credit card globally. We will also introduce Paypal soon.
You have to purchase different subscriptions for different websites. There will be different order pages to manage everything like reports, bills, services, chats etc. you can easily manage 100’s of websites.
We do penetration testing to find website security threats. Sometimes we use the imunify360 tool, server side malware scanner tools. Securing a website depends on the website nature and vulnerabilities. We take action as per your audit result. There is no copy paste formula.
We use Google page speed insight and Gtmetrix to measure page speed and fix the issue that arises. Page speed is a continuous practice and you have to maintain both code and server side optimization to get the best result. We follow each and every industry best practices.
You can cancel your subscription anytime. In case if you cancel your subscription your website will be back to its original state and you will lose the subscription based features like speed optimization, Security features and Management automations. We won't revert any bug fixing, it will be yours.
We have Junior to 10-15 years Experienced Developers and system admins, we prioritize our work and assign as per capability. If any developer fails to fix any website we assign our senior developers to fix it for you and we will fix it! In case if we have to drop the request we will refund you.
We have a 30 days money back guarantee.

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