5 Typical WordPress Security Issues and How to Fix Them

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Last Update on November 25, 2022

If you own a website that runs on WordPress, you should be worried about possible security flaws and vulnerabilities in WordPress. WordPress sites can be attacked and have serious security problems. When websites are hacked, not only does it cost the owner money to get things back to normal. But it also has a negative impact on the site’s position in search engine results.

Brute Force Attacks

Brute force is a way for application programs to crack encrypted data, like passwords, by trying things out one by one. It’s the same as if a thief tried many combinations to get into a safe or locker. A brute-force decoding application goes through all the possible ways legal characters can be combined in a sequence.

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Keeping your site’s login secure is an excellent way to defend your WordPress website against brute-force attacks. You can add an additional layer of protection to the login procedure using two-factor authentication. To log in using this method, in addition to your username and password, you must enter a one-time code delivered to your mobile through SMS. The Google Authenticator is a useful plugin that allows you to add this attribute to your websites in an efficient way.

Weak Passwords

You can avoid one of the most severe security flaws by not using a weak password. A hacker’s dream is to have a generic and easy-to-guess password, especially when combined with the default admin username. Please remember that adding more characters to a password makes it much harder for someone to figure it out.

“The password for your WordPress admin must be strong and have a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. According to UK Logos’s Web Designer, Emily Jones, “it must be explicit to your WordPress website and not utilized anywhere else.”

Avoiding Version Updates

If you keep using old versions of WordPress, plugins, and themes, you could be open to very harmful attacks. Updates to the version often fix security problems in the code. So, you should always use the most recent versions of all plugins and software on your WordPress site.

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Once a new version is ready, it will appear in your WordPress dashboard. So you should make it a habit to run a backup and any available updates every time you log in. Most people find it annoying to run updates, so they don’t do it. It puts their website in danger. But if they run updates every time as soon as they can, they won’t have to worry about lots of security problems. You can use Easy Updates Manager to take charge of the updates if you have multiple WordPress sites.

Using Untrustworthy Sources

An unsecured or out-of-date WordPress plugin or theme is a typical entry point for hackers. Ideally, you should acquire plugins and themes from reliable places, like WordPress.org, and install them only there.

Sophia Christopher, a writer at Assignment Help, advises, “You may also hire premium companies to download and install your plugins to secure your website from numerous threats.” Don’t utilize “free” versions of commercial WordPress plugins or themes. Because there is a possibility that they have tampered and now contain malware.

SQL Injections

An attacker uses SQL injections to access your WordPress MySQL database. Using different SQL injections, an attacker could create a new admin-level user account or add new data to your database. Such as links to malicious websites.

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The most common way to protect against SQL injections is to control and check user-input channels since these are where SQL injection attacks often happen. You must also check all the codes on every page of your website where you merge page content, commands, strings, etc., with sources that could come from users.

You can use WPFIX Pro to ensure your site is safe if you want to. They provide a wide range of WordPress security, maintenance & Speed optimization services that will give you a complete picture of your site’s security. Since new threats come up daily, it’s essential to stay up-to-date. You can find out more about them on blogs about web security.

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